Thank you for your interest in my photographic ambitions! Below, you can find some info about me and the posted photos.

Achievements & Recognition

April 2019

♦♦♦ Top 100 Finalist of conceptual photography exhibited in the 2019 CONTACT Gallery at 500px HQ (May 2019, Toronto, Canada) ♦♦♦

About Me

Living: 28 years in Germany; from 1996 in Prague (Czech Republic) with permanent residence
Day job: IT business
Hobbies: Digital Photography & Imaging, Music, HiFi & Audio, Video, Cinema, Internet, Computers, Hardware
Music: Guitar virtuosos, especially on electric guitar (mainly Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop)

About The Photos

I started this website to motivate myself to take more photos and of course to gain your feedback to improve my photographic skills.

ANY comment on the presented photos is appreciated, no matter whether it reflects acceptance, critique, or whatever. Your comments will be more than welcomed to improve my future photographs and to get new photographic insights.

Due to my profession and limited time I’m not able to post photos on a daily basis; in consequence posted photos may also be taken from my photo archive. Regarding to photographed categories, I’m not fixed to a certain one, but I have to make use of any photographic opportunity and release the shutter.


“We fail to take note of the fact that all of us do not live in this world, but only in the PICTURE we make ourselves of this world”

Last But Not Least

I hope you enjoy some of the images and it would be great if you revisit this website and post a comment to new photos!

Thank you and have a great time!